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Making a Difference in Children's Lives

Kids Need Music is dedicated to helping children realize their potential by supporting a well-rounded life experience through music. In Hudson, NY there are dozens of children every year who want to join the Grades 4-6 Intermediate School band, but neither their families nor school can afford to buy or rent instruments.  The Hudson school system has a skilled and enthusiastic teaching staff, and children with the desire and potential to learn. All that's left is to supply the tools!

How We're Helping, Since 2014

Kids Need Music raises funds for new instruments, and accepts donations of used instruments. (Repairs are funded by KNM.) Each instrument is given to a child in the 4th grade, and each child may keep his/her instrument through the 12th grade, at no cost to the student or the school.

Kids Need Music also supplies violins and cellos in partnership with Harmony Project Hudson for its new  elementary school string group.

In 2017, Hudson City School District created an additional new music department teaching position to meet the demands of a burgeoning student band, driven by over 250 instrument donations from Kids Need Music. That's progress! 

Attend a Concert and Get Involved

Professional concerts are at the core of our fundraising efforts.  Internationally acclaimed guitarist, Maria Zemantauski, presents a program of classics and stunning originals on Sunday November 11 at 1:00 at Spencertown Academy. Embracing the classical and flamenco repertoire for her foundation, she takes her audience on a musical journey inspired by her flair for experimentation and pure love of the instrument. As one reviewer wrote, “Zemantauski has continually pushed the boundaries of the possible with her trusty 6-string, blending genres that have little or no business appearing on the same bill, much less in the same song. It’s rarely less than electrifying to watch her do it.” Join us for an evening of passion, fire and grace.

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